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Who we are
Suitability is a 100% black owned suit tailoring business which is inspired by the love of fashion. We seek to redefine what a gentleman should stand for by the use of fashion. Suits bring out the best in men, we are here to facilitate that!

Our Services

We have a wide range of made to measure suits for all occasion.

Design your own bespoke suit with our suit builder.

Our high end bespoke package, Get specially made suit from imported fabrics

Awakhiwe Kona

Founder and CEO

Awakhiwe Kona is a self-made stylist who seeks to redefine style in the South African landscape. A young Xhosa man who studied Actuarial Science at Wits University and went on to work in corporate as an Actuarial Analyst.
As a young professional, he faced a problem of very expensive retail suits that did not fit really well (the guy has super long hands). This prompted him to get his suits tailored and results were amazing. At lower cost, he could get a taste of both worlds… a perfect fit and a customized suit which resonated with his personality. Compliments from colleagues and associates triggered the idea of Suitability.
At the age of 23, he started his first business of tailoring suits and giving styling consultations. Awakhiwe frequently uses suits to spread messages about how every gentleman should define themselves. Suits come with great responsibilty. Respect for oneself is fundemental as a gentleman.
Once one respects himself it will be easier to be a responsible citizen that respects women and children.

Destiny Man – Actuarial Scientist from soweto ventured…

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Awakhiwe Kona,